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Professor James Ladyman

I am interested in most areas of philosophy, but my work has primarily been in general philosophy of science and philosophy of physics. I have worked extensively on scientific realism, constructive empiricism and structural realism (I made the distinction in my 1998 paper between epistemic and ontic forms of structural realism and I have defended the latter). I also work on scientific representation, physicalism, the relationship between the special sciences and physics, naturalised metaphysics, the philosophy of information and computation, and the philosophy of mathematics. I am currently working with Stuart Presnell on the foundations and philosophy of Homotopy Type Theory and its application to physics. I am also interested in the imnpact agenda and science policy, and in understanding the epistemological and broader implications of big data technologies for science and society.

Research keywords

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Physics
  • Philosophy of Information and Computation
  • Philosophy of Mathematics