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Professor Havi Carel


I teach the unit Death, Dying and Disease - This unit will provide a systematic study of key philosophical themes relating to death, dying, and disease. The key philosophical questions to be studied are: (1) is death a harm, and if so, what kind of harm is it? (2) Should mortality (and our awareness of it) change how we live? (3) Would immortality be a good thing? (4) How does bodily vulnerability shape us? These themes will be studied drawing on a range of philosophical resources, including Epicurus, Thomas Nagel, Bernard Williams, JM Fischer and Martin Heidegger. The unit is open to second and third year philosophy students, as well as students on the intercalated BA Medical Humanities.

I also teach on the SSC Philosophy of Medicine, open to medical students, and on the unit History and Philosophy of Medicine.

I suerpvise PhD students, extended essays and MA dissertations on a range of topics relating to phenomenology, philosophy of medicine, death, and film and philosophy.