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Dr Guido Heldt


I teach undergraduate units on music history from the 18th century onwards, though with a strong focus on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. My research-led undergraduate teaching includes units on Gustav Holst & Ralph Vaughan Williams, on classic Hollywood film music, on musician biopics, on music and television, and on film musicals.

At postgraduate level, I also regularly teach a unit on film music analysis for the MA in Composition for Film and TV and contribute to several music history units on the MA in Music.

Recent research student projects supervised by me have been on music and aliens in Star Trek (Timothy Summers) and film scores by Dario Marianelli (Laura Davies) (both MPhil), and on operatic institutions in Britain 1875-1939 (Steven Martin), music in video games (Timothy Summers), pre-existing music in film (Jonathan Godsall), and samba in Brazilian film (Hans Anselmo Hess). Current research student projects are on Eric Harding Thiman (David Dewar, MPhil), and on endings in music (Cecilia Quaintrell), Gustav Holst and folk music (Callum McSherry), and music in recent Taiwanese film (Chia-Yu Chang) (all PhD).