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Dr Guido Heldt


I studied musicology, art history and philosophy at the University of Münster/Germany, and as a visiting student at King's College London and at Oxford University. In 1997 I got my Ph.D. at Münster with a thesis on English tone poems in the early 20th century and ideas of a national music in England.

1997-2003 I worked as a lecturer at the Department of Musicology of the Free University Berlin and in autumn/winter 2003 as a visiting lecturer at the History Department of Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo/Ontario in Canada. I joined the Bristol Music Department in autumn 2004.

2001-2010 I was co-editor of the cultural-studies journal Plurale. Zeitschrift für Denkversionen (= Plurals. Journal for Versions of Thinking). Since 2006 I have been a member of the editorial team of the online journal Kieler Beitrge zur Filmmusikforschung (= Kiel Contributions to Film Music Research), currently the only academic journal for screen media musicology in German. I am also a member of the editorial board of the journal The Soundtrack.

Together with Peter Moormann (Free University Berlin), Tarek Krohn and Willem Strank (both University of Keil/Germany), I am co-editor of the book series FilmMusik (edition text + kritik, Munich); volumes on Ennio Morricone, on music in the films of Martin Scorsese and on music in folm comedies have been published in 2014, 2015 and 2017; a volume on music in film title sequences in preparation for publication in 2018, and a volume on sound design in film is in planning. With Phil Powrie (University of Surrey), I co-edited a special issue for the journal Music, Sound and the Moving Image on music in film and TV trailers, title sequences and end credits (2014).



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