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Dr Francesca Fulminante

Dr Francesca Fulminante

Dr Francesca Fulminante

Senior Research Fellow

43 Woodland Road,
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1UU
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My research to date has focused on urbanization in the Mediterranean during the 1st Millennium BC with a particular interest on central Italy.

My work investigates the development of complex societies in Rome and the surrounding regions both as macro- economic and socio-political processes (e.g. social stratification, settlement organization and craft community practices) but also in their relation to intimate and personal habits such as mother-child relationship and infant feeding practices. 

In particular, one of my projects is studying community practices, analysing archaic metal votive objects in central Italy with XRF.

By combining advanced technological and scientific methodologies with traditional approaches my main stream of research explores the connections between cultural and political environments and child-rearing practices in central Italy (1000 BC – 100 AD).  This last work has resulted in my ERC application being selected for interview in 2015/2016 and 2018.

The third avenue of my research explores connectivity and transportation networks by the mean of Network Science Approach in central Italy during the 1st Millennium BC including Roman times to propose a new interacting model of urbanization. 




As a young Classicist and Archaeologist in Rome I was trained in Latin and Greek languages and Roman and Greek civilizations and obtained an MA (hon) and MPhil at La Sapienza, Rome. I then worked on (and continue to contribute to) excavations in key sites for Mediterranean Archaeology such as Rome, Veii, Pompeii, Crustumerium and more recently Gubbio-Perugia, where I had the role of Deputy-Director.

I came to England in 2004 to complete my PhD at the University of Cambridge on the political and physical landscape of early Rome, analyzed by using GIS tools and published by CUP in 2014. After a few research and teaching positions at leading Higher Education Institutions across Europe, I now live and work between Bristol and Rome; teaching and developing a number of projects surrounding Pre-Roman and Roman culture and objects analyzed through the mean of digital tools.



I have significant experience in teaching and mentoring both under- and post-graduates in Latin and Greek languages/literature, archaeology and the history of other classical civilizations.  I enjoy teaching and challenging students; principally to help them progress, but also because the act of explaining and discussing a subject clarifies it in the minds of both the lecturer and the student, which then facilitates greater understanding.



Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

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