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Dr Camilla Morelli


My research focuses on the lives of indigenous children growing up amidst radical socioeconomic change in the Amazonian region, and asks what is the future of indigenous peoples in times of enhanced globalised exchanges and rapid expansion of neoliberal markets in Latin America.

I have conducted over 16 months of ethnographic fieldwork with indigenous Matses people in Amazonian Peru, where I examined the recent impact of capitalistic economies, trade and urbanisation from a child-centred perspective. I argue that children and youth play an active and crucial role in defining current and future developments of Amerindian societies, and as such a child-focussed analysis is not only relevant to the study of social, cultural and economic transformation across the world but is also necessary for impact and policy.

My current work explores the possibilities for sustainable development within a collaborative research approach, and asks how Amerindian children and youth might work towards establishing a viable future – one in which they are able to engage directly in, and benefit from, the transforming economic and political processes that are structuring society at large.

Beyond anthropology, I contribute to interdisciplinary arenas through the development of visual and collaborative research methods, including participatory photography, drawing, sensory walks and filming, which I apply to explore imaginative and non-verbal realms of knowledge and existence.


Regional specialisation

Amazonia, Peru, Latin America


Topical interests 

  • children and child-centred anthropology;
  • visual, collaborative and child-centred methods;
  • social change and inequality;
  • Amerindian childhoods and indigenous people;
  • anthropology of the imagination and the future. 




Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

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