Buddhist studies for postgraduates

At the Centre for Buddhist Studies of the University of Bristol there is one taught Masters programme and three research degrees.

Taught programme

Those candidates who are interested in undertaking a research degree in Buddhist Studies but do not possess a degree in the field, or overseas candidates unfamiliar with the academic study of Buddhism in a British or western academic institution should first take the MA in Religions with the Buddhist Studies Pathway.

Research degrees

In the United Kingdom a research degree is not the same as a taught degree. A student registering for a research degree works closely with one or at the most two advisers, who will supervise their research project. Taught courses (such as a language course) may be taken if the adviser or student consider it necessary or helpful, but otherwise the student will be expected to commence research from the very beginning. There is thus no integrated research degree programme as such. Examination is by a completed thesis.

The Centre encourages applications for places leading to these degrees from those who have a definite research project in mind. Candidates should possess a suitable first degree of high calibre in or closely related to Buddhist Studies. Some prior knowledge of a relevant oriental language will normally be necessary. Students aiming to complete a PhD will be accepted initially as candidates for the degree of MLitt. Students wishing to upgrade to PhD status are required to submit 15-20,000 words before the completion of two years' research for consideration as evidence of their ability to produce work of PhD quality.

Candidates interested in undertaking a research project at the Centre for Buddhist Studies should bear in mind that their project should coincide more or less with the areas of expertise and research interests of the Centre's directors, who will be required to supervise the project. If in doubt please contact the Directors personally. Their areas of expertise are as follows:

For further information about applications for research programmes, please contact pg-hums@bristol.ac.uk or click on the links on the left.