Dr Jacqueline Oakley

B.Sc.(W.England), Ph.D.(Bristol)

Dr Jacqueline Oakley

Dr Jacqueline Oakley
Research Development Manager

1 Cathedral Square, Bristol,
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Telephone Number (0117) 42 84059

Research and Enterprise Development


Jacqui has an applied BSc in Biochemistry with Molecular Biology and PhD in Biochemistry, using a combination of biochemical and imaging techniques to elucidate intracellular transport mechanisms.  During her undergraduate studies, she spent a year Massey Cancer Centre at Virginia Commonwealth University studying kinase signalling pathways in cancer.  She continued as a post-doc at the University of Bristol, studying a novel trafficking protein, Sorting Nexin 27 (SNX27), upon discovering that SNX27 is highly abundant in the brain, moving to studies in neurones.

Jacqui moved to BBSRC in 2011 to run Committee C 'Animal Systems Health and Wellbeing', after which she moved to MRC as an operations manager, leading a team to review MRC's large investments in Institutes, Units and Centres.

Jacqui moved the MRC's London office where she worked across a number of teams, including the translational team, running competitions in the Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme, Confidence in Concept and Experimental Medicine.  Latterly she was Programme Manager in Neurosciences and Mental Health, as well as looking after responsive mode funding opportunities, she established two new large investments (Centre and Unit), managed the national Brain Bank Network, represented the UK as part of the European funding scheme ERA-NET, developed bespoke calls as well horizon scanning for the next big thing.

After seven years working with the funders, Jacqui returned to Bristol to support research within the University.  Within RED Jacqui is responsible for  the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences (soon to be Life Sciences) developing the research strategy for the new Faculty of Life Sciences, bringing the neuroscience community together under the Bristol Neuroscience Network, by helping develop strategy and share best practice.  Jacqui also supports large strategic funding bids, bringing together expertise across faculties and disciplines.  She has extensive experience from a funders perspective, including on funding streams such as Global Challanges Research Fund and Industrial Strategy Challange Fund.

Key publications

  1. Wassmer, T, Attar, N, Harterink, M, van Weering, J, Traer, C, Oakley, J, Gould, B, Stephens, D, Verkade, P, Korswagen, H & Cullen, P, 2009, ‘The retomer coat complex coordinates endosomal sorting and dynein-mediated transport, with carrier recognition by the trans-Golgi network’. Developmental Cell, vol 17 (1)., pp. 110 - 122
  2. Traer, C, Rutherford, A, Palmer, K, Wassmer, T, Oakley, J, Attar, N, Carlton, J, Kremerskothen, J, Stephens, D & Cullen, P, 2007, ‘SNX4 co-ordinates endosomal sorting of TfnR with dynein-mediated transport into the endocytic recycling compartment’. Nature Cell Biology, vol 9 (12)., pp. 1370 - 1380
  3. Banbury, D, Oakley, J, Sessions, R & Banting, G, 2003, ‘Tyrphostin A23 inhibits internalization of the transferrin receptor by perturbing the interaction between tyrosine motifs and the medium chain subunit of the AP-2 adaptor complex’. Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol 278 (14)., pp. 12022 - 12028

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