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Dr Xiao-Qi Zhou

Dr Xiao-Qi Zhou

Dr Xiao-Qi Zhou
PhD(Anhui Educn)

Research Assistant

Office 1.24
HH Wills Physics Laboratory,
Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TL
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Research summary

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Recent publications

  • Zhou, X-Q, Kalasuwan, P, Ralph, TC & O'Brien, JL 2013, ‘Calculating unknown eigenvalues with a quantum algorithm’. Nature Photonics, vol 7., pp. 223
  • Aungskunsiri, K, Bonneau, D, Carolan, J, Engin, E, Fry, D, Hadden, J, Kalasuwan, P, Kennard, J, Knauer, S, Lawson, T, Marseglia, L, Martin-Lopez, E, Meinecke, J, Mendoza, G, Peruzzo, A, Poulios, K, Russell, N, Santamato, A, Shadbolt, P, Silverstone, J, Stanley-Clark, A, Halder, M, Harrison, J, Ho, D, Jiang, P, Laing, A, Lobino, M, Matthews, JCF, Patton, B, Politi, A, Verde, MR, Zhang, P, Zhou, X-Q, Cryan, M, Rarity, J, Thompson, M, Yu, S, O'Brien, JL & 2012, ‘Integrated quantum photonics’. in: 2012 12TH IEEE CONFERENCE ON NANOTECHNOLOGY (IEEE-NANO). IEEE Computing, NEW YORK, pp. -

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