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Publication - Professor Stephen Hayden

    Three-Dimensional Fermi Surface of Overdoped La-Based Cuprates


    Horio, M, Hauser, K, Sassa, Y, Mingazheva, Z, Sutter, D, Kramer, K, Cook, A, Nocerino, E, Forslund, OK, Tjernberg, O, Kobayashi, M, Chikina, A, Schröter, NB, Krieger, JA, Schmitt, T, Strocov, VN, Pyon, S, Takayama, T, Takagi, H, Lipscombe, OJ, Hayden, SM, Ishikado, M, Eisaki, H, Neupert, T, Månsson, M, Matt, CE & Chang, J, 2018, ‘Three-Dimensional Fermi Surface of Overdoped La-Based Cuprates’. Physical Review Letters, vol 121.


    We present a soft x-ray angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study of overdoped high-temperature superconductors. In-plane and out-of-plane components of the Fermi surface are mapped by varying the photoemission angle and the incident photon energy. No kz dispersion is observed along the nodal direction, whereas a significant antinodal kz dispersion is identified for La-based cuprates. Based on a tight-binding parametrization, we discuss the implications for the density of states near the van Hove singularity. Our results suggest that the large electronic specific heat found in overdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 cannot be assigned to the van Hove singularity alone. We therefore propose quantum criticality induced by a collapsing pseudogap phase as a plausible explanation for observed enhancement of electronic specific heat.

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