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Publication - Dr Rhys Morris

    VizieR Online Data Catalog: VPHAS+ DR2 survey (Drew+, 2016)


    Drew, JE, Gonzalez-Solares, E, Greimel, R, Irwin, MJ, Yoldas, AK, Lewis, J, Barentsen, G, Eisloffel, J, Farnhill, HJ, Martin, WE, Walsh, JR, Walton, NA, Mohr-Smith, M, Raddi, R, Sale, SE, Wright, NJ, Groot, P, Barlow, MJ, Corradi, RLM, Drake, JJ, Fabregat, J, Frew, DJ, Gansicke, BT, Knigge, C, Mampaso, A, Morris, RAH, Naylor, T, Parker, QA, Phillipps, S, Ruhland, C, Steeghs, D, Unruh, YC, Vink, JS, Wesson, R & Zijlstra, AA, 2016, ‘VizieR Online Data Catalog: VPHAS+ DR2 survey (Drew+, 2016)’.


    The Second VPHAS data release (DR2) covers the first 21 months of
    data-taking in which the survey progressed to 24 percent completion.
    Much of the Galactic mid-plane is now covered (especially in the r, i
    and Hα filters). This release supersedes DR1. For access to the
    release documents and ESO archive entry, see ESO's public survey pages

    The appropriate journal reference for the use of VPHAS+data is to: Drew
    et al., 2014MNRAS.440.2036D. If making use of data from this release,
    please use the following statement in the acknowledgements: "Based on
    data products from observations made with ESO Telescopes at the La Silla
    Paranal Observatory under public survey programme ID, 177.D-3023".

    (1 data file).

    Full details in the University publications repository