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Publication - Dr Anthony Laing

    Multidimensional quantum entanglement with large-scale integrated optics


    Wang, J, Paesani, S, Ding, Y, Santagati, R, Skrzypczyk, P, Salavrakos, A, Tura, J, Augusiak, R, Mančinska, L, Bacco, D, Bonneau, D, Silverstone, JW, Gong, Q, Acín, A, Rottwitt, K, Oxenløwe, LK, O'Brien, JL, Laing, A & Thompson, MG, 2018, ‘Multidimensional quantum entanglement with large-scale integrated optics’. Science, vol 360., pp. 285-291


    The ability to control multidimensional quantum systems is central to the development of advanced quantum technologies.We demonstrate a multidimensional integrated quantum photonic platform able to generate, control, and analyze high-dimensional entanglement. A programmable bipartite entangled system is realized with dimensions up to 15 × 15 on a large-scale silicon photonics quantum circuit.The device integrates more than 550 photonic components on a single chip, including 16 identical photon-pair sources.We verify the high precision, generality, and controllability of ourmultidimensional technology, and further exploit these abilities to demonstrate previously unexplored quantum applications, such as quantum randomness expansion and self-testing on multidimensional states. Our work provides an experimental platform for the development of multidimensional quantum technologies.

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