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Publication - Professor Martin Kuball

    Quantifying Temperature-dependent Substrate Loss in GaN-on-Si RF Technology


    Chandrasekar, H, Uren, M, Casbon, MA, Hirshy, H, Eblabla, A, Elgaid, K, Pomeroy, J, Tasker, P & Kuball, M, 2019, ‘Quantifying Temperature-dependent Substrate Loss in GaN-on-Si RF Technology’. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol 66., pp. 1681-1687


    Intrinsic limits to temperature-dependent substrate loss for GaN-on-Si technology, due to the change in resistivity of the substrate with temperature, are evaluated using an experimentally validated device simulation framework. Effect of room temperature substrate resistivity on temperature-dependent CPW line loss at various operating frequency bands are then presented. CPW lines for GaN-on-high resistivity Si are shown to have a pronounced temperature-dependence for temperatures above 150°C and have lower substrate losses for frequencies above the X-band. On the other hand, GaN-on-low resistivity Si is shown to be more temperature-insensitive and have lower substrate losses than even HR-Si for lower operating frequencies. The effect of various CPW geometries on substrate loss is also presented to generalize the discussion. These results are expected to act as a benchmark for temperature dependent substrate loss in GaN-on-Si RF technology.

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