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Publication - Professor Mark Birkinshaw

    Buoyancy-driven inflow to a relic cold core

    the gas belt in radio galaxy 3C 386


    Duffy, RT, Worrall, DM, Birkinshaw, M & Kraft, RP, 2016, ‘Buoyancy-driven inflow to a relic cold core: the gas belt in radio galaxy 3C 386’. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol 459., pp. 4508-4517


    We report measurements from an XMM-Newton observation of the low-excitation radio galaxy 3C 386. The study focusses on an X-ray-emitting gas belt, which lies between and orthogonal to the radio lobes of 3C 386 and has a mean temperature of $0.94\pm0.05$ keV, cooler than the extended group atmosphere. The gas in the belt shows temperature structure with material closer to the surrounding medium being hotter than gas closer to the host galaxy. We suggest that this gas belt involves a `buoyancy-driven inflow' of part of the group-gas atmosphere where the buoyant rise of the radio lobes through the ambient medium has directed an inflow towards the relic cold core of the group. Inverse-Compton emission from the radio lobes is detected at a level consistent with a slight suppression of the magnetic field below the equipartition value.

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