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Professor Malcolm Bremer

Professor Malcolm Bremer

Professor Malcolm Bremer
B.Sc.(Lond.), Ph.D.(Cantab.)


Office 4.18
HH Wills Physics Laboratory,
Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TL
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Tel. +44 (0) 117 928 8764

Research summary

As an observational cosmologist, I study how structure forms in the Universe. As part of this, I have pioneered techniques to find the earliest galaxies. These are key objects in astronomy, they are seen when the Universe is young and so unlike galaxies seen today, there is little time for many complicated processes to affect them.

I also study the early stages of the formation of galaxy clusters, collections of tens or hundreds of galxaies bound together by their mutual gravity. The clusters discovered to-date show little sign of strong evolution in their properties with cosmic time. This is a ...

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Recent publications

  • Ellis, R, Dawson, K, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Bacon, R, Bolton, A, Bremer, M, Brinchmann, J, Bundy, K, Conroy, C, Delabre, B, Dey, A, Drlica-Wagner, A, Greene, J, Guzzo, L, Johnson, J, Leauthaud, A, Lee, K-G, Pasquini, L, Pentericci, L, Richard, J, Rix, H-W, Rockosi, C, Schlegel, D, Slosar, A, Strauss, M, Takada, M, Tolstoy, E & Watson, D, 2019, ‘SpecTel: A 10-12 meter class Spectroscopic Survey Telescope’. arXiv.
  • Davies, L, Robotham, A, Lagos, CdP, Driver, SP, Stevens, ARH, Bahé, YM, Alpaslan, M, Bremer, M, Brown, MJI, Brough, S, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Cortese, L, Elahi, P, Grootes, MW, Holwerda, B, Ludlow, A, McGee, S, Owers, MS & Phillipps, S, 2019, ‘Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): Environmental quenching of centrals and satellites in groups’. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol 483., pp. 5444-5458

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