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Publication - Dr Jaap Velthuis

    A novel fast readout gamma detector system for nuclear finger printing


    Giroletti, CA, Kopp, A, Velthuis, J & Scott, T, 2019, ‘A novel fast readout gamma detector system for nuclear finger printing’. Journal of Instrumentation.


    Decommissioning of legacy nuclear facilities or clean up in the aftermath of a nuclear
    incident requires detailed knowledge of the amount, type and distribution of nuclear materials
    present. One technique available to rapidly provide this information in-situ is high-precision
    gamma spectroscopy. These spectrometers rely on precision measurements of energy deposited in
    the spectrometer crystal from incident photons. However, the high precision limits the speed of
    the measurements and therefore limits the upper threshold of radiation levels that can be measured.
    In this work we present results from a simulation design study of a novel, small and light-weight
    multi-detector system with fast readout, that is suitable for isotope detection at high radiation levels.

    Full details in the University publications repository