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Publication - Dr Henkjan Gersen

    Balanced detection for interferometry with a noisy source


    Robinson, EC, Traegardh, J, Lindsay, ID & Gersen, H, 2012, ‘Balanced detection for interferometry with a noisy source’. Review of Scientific Instruments, vol 83., pp. -


    Optical properties of nanostructures depend on size, shape, material, and local environment. These characteristics can be probed interferometrically, given a broadband source. However, broadband supercontinuum sources are intrinsically noisy, limiting the measurement sensitivity. In this article we describe the application of an auto-balancing technique to reduce the noise in a broadband supercontinuum source, thus increasing the signal to noise ratio. We show a noise reduction of 41 dB allowing optical powers as small as 0.01 pW to be interferometrically detected with a 5 ms integration time. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. []

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