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Publication - Dr Henkjan Gersen

    Influencing the Angular Emission of a Single Molecule


    Gersen, H, Garcia-Parajo, M, Novotny, L, Veerman, J, Kuipers, L & van Hulst, N, 2000, ‘Influencing the Angular Emission of a Single Molecule’. Physical Review Letters, vol 85 (25)., pp. 5312 - 5315


    We present the first experimental proof for the influence of a nearby nanosized metal object on the angular photon emission by a single molecule. Using a novel angular sensitive detection scheme, we directly quantify the redirection of angular emission for different molecular dipole orientations as an object is scanned laterally over the molecule at different heights. An excellent agreement between experiments and 2D-numerical simulations is found for molecules oriented perpendicular to the sample, whereas, for parallel orientations, the observed behavior contradicts the calculated behavior.

    Full details in the University publications repository