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Publication - Dr Henkjan Gersen

    Real-space observation of ultraslow light in photonic crystal waveguides


    Gersen, H, Karle, T, Engelen, R, Bogaerts, W, Korterik, J, van Hulst, N, Krauss, T & Kuipers, L, 2005, ‘Real-space observation of ultraslow light in photonic crystal waveguides’. Physical Review Letters, vol 94 (7)., pp. 1 - 4


    We show the real-space observation of fast and slow pulses propagating inside a photonic crystal waveguide by time-resolved near-field scanning optical microscopy. Local phase and group velocities of modes are measured. For a specific optical frequency we observe a localized pattern associated with a flat band in the dispersion diagram. During at least 3 ps, movement of this field is hardly discernible: its group velocity would be at most c/1000. The huge trapping times without the use of a cavity reveal new perspectives for dispersion and time control within photonic crystals.

    Full details in the University publications repository