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Dr Helen Heath

My Research is in the area of Particle Physics. I work on the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment at the CERN LHC where, in the past, I was involved with the design, prototyping and construction of the electromagnetic calorimeter and I am now a member of the Standard Model Physics publication committee.  I am also working on the NA62 rare kaon decay experiment at CERN.  I am also accademic fellow in the Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching looking at programme level assessment.  

In the past I was a member of the ZEUS collaboration working on the tracking detector and the construction of the calorimeter for the HERA electron-protn collider at DESY, Hamburg. My PhD was on the study of the decays of excited kaon states using the NA32 dectector at CERN. 

Research keywords

  • Particle Physics
  • CMS
  • NA62