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Applied Spectroscopy

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"The future is blue". Most of our research thrust lies in the exciting material class of III-V nitrides, i.e., (Ga,Al,In)N, which has attracted great interest for many device applications such as blue laser diodes, solid state white lighting and high-power/high-frequency electronic devices.

We also have strong activities in new thermoelectric materials, for example, based on borides, as well as novel ferroelectrics including their integration with devices such as MEMS.

Excellent devices have been developed by many groups and are commercially available on the market, however, a good understanding of most of these novel materials has still not been achieved yet. For example, although it is well established that these new materials have excellent material properties, actually achieving reliable device is not easy, and why devices degrade an fail is unknown.

One of our key thrusts (and a patented Bristol development) is high spatial resolution thermal and stress imaging of operating semiconductor devices using micro-spectroscopy. The developed approach goes well beyond what is possible with traditional IR thermography.

This novel technique is for example used to improve device reliability of III-V nitride transistors. Our research theme: "Pushing the envelope in developing novel characterization and fabrication techniques".