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The Theory group has an outstanding record of world-class research in theoretical physics, whose highlights include the discoveries of the Aharonov-Bohm effect and the Berry phase. Currently the group’s research encompasses a wide range of phenomena in many-body and statistical physics, both in the quantum regime applied to condensed matter and cold-atom systems, and the classical regime applied to complex liquid and soft-matter systems. The group also has a long running heritage in studying the geometrical aspects of waves and physical asymptotics.

The Theory group has a lively and exciting scientific culture, including frequent highly distinguished international visitors, numerous postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students and an active programme of seminars and departmental colloquia. Members of the group also contribute to teaching in the School of Physics at all levels, from first year undergraduate to advanced postgraduate courses.

Theory is at the heart of all research in physics. This is reflected by the close collaborations members have with other groups in the School of Physics, such as Correlated Electron Systems, Quantum Photonics, Nanophysics and Soft Matter, and Quantum Information, and the strong connections with other Schools in the Faculty of Science such as Mathematics and Chemistry. Moreover, research in the Theory group often involves the development and application of sophisticated scientific software, making extensive use of the Advanced Computing Research Centre’s high-performance supercomputing facility “BlueCrystal” that is located within the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory.

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