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Publication - Dr Chris Erven

    Measurements towards providing security assurance for a chip-scale QKD system


    Vaquiero-Stainer, A, Hart, A, Kirkwood, RA, Semenenko, H, Burenkov, V, Sibson, P, Chunnilall, C, Erven, C, Thompson, M & Sinclair, AG, 2018, ‘Measurements towards providing security assurance for a chip-scale QKD system’.


    Quantum key distribution (QKD) is one of the most commercially-advanced quantum optical technologies operating in the single-photon regime. The commercial success of this disruptive technology relies on customer trust. Network device manufacturers have to meet stringent standards in order to ensure the operational security of their devices. The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the University of Bristol (Bristol) are working to produce a suite of tests to determine the operating characteristics and implementation security of chip-scale quantum devices designed for security purposes. These tests will inform and provide assurance to potential customers of such devices. Results from initial measurements performed on the Bristol chip-scale transmitter and receiver are presented, with the aim of informing the development of the system.

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