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Dr Bjoern Penning


Professional Appointments: 

  • 2016-: Lecturer in Experimental Particle Physics, University of Bristol
  • 2014-2016: Imperial Research Fellow, Imperial College London
  • 2009-2014: Leon M. Lederman Postdoctoral Fellow, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and University of Chicago
  • 2005-2009: PhD, University of Freiburg 


Physics Analysis

  • Direct DM Searches with LZ
  • Multijet searches for Dark Matter and Supersymmetry in CMS
  • Dark Matter Searches at ATLAS in monojet, mono-Higgs, χχ ̄ + b(b) and χχ ̄ + tt ̄ final states.
  • Lead analyser of σ(W + b + X) and σ(W + c + X)production at DØ
  • Lead analyser search for WH → lνb ̄b at DØ, one of 3 D0 channels leading to first evidence for Higgs decays to b ̄b quarks.
  • Lead analyser of first exclusion of SM Higgs in H → W W → ll at hadron collider
  • Lead analyser of SM Higgs search with tau final states at DØ
  • Measurement of W polarization in tt ̄ decays at DØ

Technical Tasks

  • L1 trigger studies in early 13 TeV data
  • FTK Track Trigger Upgrade at ATLAS
  • Convener of the DØ calorimeter calibration group 
  • Development of electron identification algorithms
  • Operations of the DØ calorimeter 

Phenomenology & Review 

  • Run II recommendation and impact of collider searches on astrophysical sources
  • Future prospects and complementarity of Dark Matter collider searches
  • Initiation and development of Dark Matter with heavy quarks
  • Collider Dark Matter Review




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