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Publication - Dr Anthony Laing

    Boson Sampling from a Gaussian State


    Lund, AP, Laing, A, Rahimi-Keshari, S, Rudolph, T, O'Brien, JL & Ralph, TC, 2014, ‘Boson Sampling from a Gaussian State’. Physical Review Letters, vol 113.


    We pose a randomized boson-sampling problem. Strong evidence exists that such a problem becomes intractable on a classical computer as a function of the number of bosons. We describe a quantum optical processor that can solve this problem efficiently based on a Gaussian input state, a linear optical network, and nonadaptive photon counting measurements. All the elements required to build such a processor currently exist. The demonstration of such a device would provide empirical evidence that quantum computers can, indeed, outperform classical computers and could lead to applications.

    Full details in the University publications repository