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Dr Anthony Laing

Dr Anthony Laing

Dr Anthony Laing
MSc(Bristol), PhD(Bristol)

Senior Lecturer

Office NSQI
HH Wills Physics Laboratory,
Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TL
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Tel. +44 (0) 117 3940024

Research summary

Dr Laing is a lecturer and an EPSRC Early Career Fellow in the Centre for Quantum Photonics and School of Physics. His research contributions include the invention of new methods for quantum tomography and verification, the development of new experimental techniques for quantum simulations and computation, and the invention of new protocols for quantum cryptography. He is lead investigator on several programmes to develop applications for photonic quantum technologies and is a co-Investigator in the UK's Quantum Communications Hub.

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Selected publications

  • Carolan, J, Harrold, C, Sparrow, C, Lopez, EM, Russell, N, Silverstone, J, Shadbolt, P, Matsuda, N, Ogama, M, Itoh, M, Marshall, G, Thompson, M, Matthews, J, Hashimoto, T, O'Brien, J & Laing, A, 2015, ‘Universal linear optics’. Science, vol 349., pp. 711-716
  • Carolan, J, Meinecke, JDA, Shadbolt, PJS, Russell, NJ, Ismail, N, Wörhoff, K, Rudolph, T, Thompson, MG, O'Brien, JL, Matthews, JCF & Laing, A, 2014, ‘On the experimental verification of quantum complexity in linear optics’. Nature Photonics, vol 8., pp. 621-626

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