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Publication - Dr Annela Seddon

    Colloidal Microfluidics


    Meissner, M, Seddon, AM & Royall, CP, 2019, ‘Colloidal Microfluidics’. in: Frontiers of Nanoscience. Computational Mechanics Publications/Elsevier Science Publishers Ltd, pp. 125-166


    We review the use of microfluidics to produce particles on the colloidal length scale, which are around two orders of magnitude smaller than typically produced. We discuss conventional production techniques based on polydimethylsiloxane and also consider newer methods based on Norland optical adhesive (NOA) flow focusing devices. These make use of the excellent solvent compatibility and surface properties of NOA to generate colloidal scale oil-in-water emulsions with polydispersities as low as 5%. Thus it is possible to move beyond the state of the art which largely concerns the production of droplets with sizes on the order of 10s of micrometers, large enough that Brownian motion is negligible. By contrast, the new NOA devices can produce oil droplets on the colloidal length scale. We discuss application of these droplets as colloidal model systems.

    Full details in the University publications repository