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Name Job title Email Phone number
Miss Maithah Alaleeli Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mr Johannes Allotey Physics (PhD)
Mr Fahed Aloufi Physics (PhD)
Miss Sarah Alsalhi Physics (PhD)
Mrs Amal Altowerqi Physics (PhD)
Mr Francisco Alvarez del Castillo Manzanos Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mr Ian Ang Xing Yang Physics (PhD)
Mr David Anthony Physics (PhD)
Mr Robert Armstrong Condensed Matter Physics (Visiting) (PGR)
Mr George Atkinson Quantum Engineering (PhD)
Mr Jake Ayres Condensed Matter Physics (PhD)
Miss Maud Barthelemy Physics (PhD)
Miss Srishti Bhasin Physics (PhD)
Mr Jake Biele Quantum Engineering (PhD)
Mr Simone Bologna Physics (PhD)
Ms Elena Boniolo None Tel. (0117) 928 8757
Mr Matthew Brumwell Chemistry (PhD),Nanoscience and Functional Nanomaterials (MSc)
Miss Liia Buhhanevits Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mrs Lauren Cane Condensed Matter Physics (PhD)
Mr Michael Canning Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mr Daniel Chaney Physics (PhD)
Mr Matthew Chapman Physics (PhD)
Mr Wenhan Chen Physics (MSc) (R),Physics (PhD)
Miss Rui Cheng Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mr Steve Clarke Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Miss Mary Coe Physics (PhD)
Miss Aimee Coleman Physics (PhD)
Mr Dean Connor Physics (PhD)
Mr Frederick Cook Physics (PhD)
Mr Peter Crowther Physics (PhD)
Mr Liam Cullingford Functional Nanomaterials (PhD),Nanoscience and Functional Nanomaterials (MSc)
Mr Zefan Deng Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mr Thomas Denman Physics (PhD)
Miss Holly Dervey Physics (MSc) (R)
Miss Jun Dong Physics (PhD)
Miss Xian Du Physics (MSc) (R)
Mr Matthew Duggan Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mr Sam Eriksen Physics (PhD)
Miss Natalia Estrada Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mr Christopher Evans Physics (PhD)
Mr Massimiliano Favaro-Bedford Physics (PhD)
Mr Alex Flint Physics (MSc) (R)
Mr Bo Gao Physics (MSc) (R)
Mr Antonio Andreas Gentile Physics (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 15373
Miss Chiara Alessia Giroletti Physics (PhD)
Miss Sevda Goren Physics (MSc) (R)
Ms Laura Graser Functional Nanomaterials (PhD) Tel. (0117) 331 2079
Mr Joel Greer Physics (PhD)
Mr Steff Hancock Physics (PhD) Mob. (0778) 7563616
Mr James Hargreaves Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc),Physics (PhD)
Mr Eddie Harris-Lee Physics (PhD)
Mr Jim Hayman Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mr Yi He Physics (MSc) (R)
Ms Mei-Li Holmberg Physics (PhD)
Mr Onur Kiris Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mr Maximilian Kloucek Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mr James Knighton Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Miss Eleanor Lawrence Bright Physics (PhD)
Miss Macarena Leal Olloqui Physics (PhD)
Miss Jingwen Li Physics (PhD)
Mr Dan Llewellyn Physics (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 15373
Mr Juan Cristhian Luque Gutierrez Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Ms Mia Mace Physics (PhD)
Mr Robbie Mackenzie Physics (PhD)
Mr James Maddison Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mr Lakshan Ram Madhan Mohan Physics (PhD)
Miss Emily Manogg Physics (MSc) (R)
Mr Nicola Maraviglia Physics (PhD)
Mr Alex Marshall Physics (PhD)
Miss Hilary McCarthy Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mr Oliver McHugh Condensed Matter Physics (PhD)
Miss Elisha Mercado None
Miss Keisha Michael Physics (PhD)
Mr Antonio Minutti Lopez Sierra Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Miss Jolene Moon Physics (PhD)
Mr Ilemona Okeme Physics (PhD)
Miss Bahar Oner Physics (PhD)
Mr David Payne Quantum Engineering (PhD)
Mrs Laura Pearse Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mr Michael Pei Physics (PhD)
Miss Kanasanun Phonrat Physics (PhD)
Miss Emily Pole None
Miss Gabriela Pomery Physics (PhD)
Mr Nathawat Poopakdee Physics (MSc) (R)
Mr George Presland Physics (MSc) (R)
Mr Jordan Pritchard Physics (PhD)
Miss Hannah Robarts Condensed Matter Physics (PhD)
Mr Ben Rouse Physics (MSc) (R)
Mr Freddie Russell-Pavier Physics (PhD)
Mrs Miriam Saldana Munoz Physics (Visiting) (PGR)
Mr Ben Sayers Quantum Engineering (PhD)
Mr Ben Slater Physics (PhD)
Mr Will Smith Physics (MSc) (R)
Mr Raul Stein Physics (PhD)
Miss Hattie Stewart Physics (PhD)
Mr Owain Strassburg Physics (PhD)
Mr Nikos Stylianou Physics (PhD)
Mr Xiaoyu Sun Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mr Joseph Sutcliffe Physics (PhD)
Mr Joel Tasker Physics (PhD)
Mr Tom Taylor Functional Nanomaterials (PhD) Tel. (0117) 39 41251
Mr Alexander Titterton Physics (PhD)
Mr Shashank Tripathi Mechanical Engineering (PhD),Nuclear Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mr Sami Ullah Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Miss Ximena Vasto Anzaldo Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Miss Caterina Vigliar Physics (PhD)
Mr Richard Waite Condensed Matter Physics (PhD)
Mr Tom Wallace-Smith Physics (PhD)
Mr Gus Wallbank Physics (MSc) (R)
Mr Gary Wan Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mr Jacek Wasik Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mr Robbie Webbe Physics (PhD)
Miss Kate Wyness Physics (PhD)
Mr Chaolong Yang Physics (PhD)
Mr Yushi Yang Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Mr Mark Yang Physics (PhD)
Mr Guanjie Yuan Physics (PhD)
Mr Tongfei Zhang Nanoscience and Functional Nanomaterials (MSc)