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Dr Richard Helyer

Application of human patient simulation to biomedical and medical education

My current role focuses on basic-science education and strategy in general, with specialisation in high-fidelity Human Patient Simulation.

My specific interests are the application of Human Patient Simulation, especially physiologic models, to the teaching key aspects of physiology in undergraduate curricula, and to blended pre- and clincial learning in medicine. I am the academic lead for the University of Bristol Biomedical Simulation Centre. I have published and presented on simulation at numerous workshops and as a keynote speaker.

My research background is in the area of ion channels, receptors and signalling molecules during development of the mammalian auditory system. Specifically I was interested in changes in expression patterns of these key molecules during development of the sensory hair cells of the cochlea. Techniques used include whole-cell patch-clamp electrophysiology.

Outside of simulation and research my roles have included school Director of Teaching, and I am currently the Programme Director for programmes with industrial study as well as a Unit Director. I have experience in management of teaching and teaching staff, programme and unit development, quality assurance. I have held numerous school and faculty roles.

Research keywords

  • simulation
  • human patient simulation
  • physiology
  • education
  • biomedical science
  • physiological modelling

Equipment relevant to this work

  • CAE Healthcare Human Patient Simulator
  • Athena & iStan