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Professor Matt Jones


As an undergraduate, I went up to Cambridge to read Chemistry, bonded more strongly with Pharmacology and was ultimately only sated by Neuroscience.  Prompted by an in vivo electrophysiological project during my final year, I then spent the three years of my Ph.D. investigating the neurophysiology and pharmacology of spinal nociceptive processing (with Max Headley).

Altered pain states piqued my interest in plasticity, so I next slithered up the CNS to the hippocampus, spending my first postdoctoral stint with Tim Bliss (co-winner of the 2016 Brain Prize - hooray!) in London, where I used in vivo field potential recordings and genetically altered mice to examine mechanisms and roles of synaptic plasticity.  Having come to appreciate the power of electrophysiology in behaving animals, a Wellcome Trust International Prize Travelling Fellowship then flew me to MIT where I learned multi-neuron recording techniques from Matthew Wilson and transgenic trickery from Susumu Tonegawa (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1987).

I returned to Bristol to establish a lab as an RCUK Academic Fellow in 2006 and became a Medical Research Council (MRC) Senior Research Fellow in April 2011.