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Dr Lauren Goodhead


My role as Teaching Manager (tutors, demonstrators and outreach) allows a coordinated approach to the delivery and support of teaching of tutorials and practical classes by postgraduate and postdoctral members of the School. I also provide a central point of contact for all outreach enquiries to the School both from within and outside the University.

I am unit organiser for Year 2 System 2 unit in Medicine and Year 2 Integrative Physiology on our BSc Physiological Science programme. I also deliver lectures on both of these courses as well as on the Veterinary Science and Dentistry programmes. I am the chair of the School SSLC committee which meets regularly throughout the year with student representatives.

I am involved in the use of technology to enhance learning including evoting and the development of eBiolabs, an online learning platform to support practical teaching and have been part of the team since its creation in physiology.