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Signalling in platelets

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Platelets are essential to the prevention of bleeding when blood vessels are damaged. Platelet activation involves the co-ordinated stimulation of multiple, interlocking signalling cascades. However, when platelets activate too much or at the wrong time and place, the result is thrombosis leading to heart attacks and stroke. Research within this area is aimed at understanding the regulation of platelet activation.

Specific research interests include:

  • understanding how protein kinases may regulate platelet function and thrombus formation;
  • characterizing the specific proteins that regulate platelet granule secretion;
  • elucidating the signalling pathways involved in platelet activation that may play a role in platelet hyperactivity in conditions such as obesity and diabetes;
  • elucidating the molecular mechanisms of antiplatelet drugs.

This area contributes to the wider Cardiovascular Science and Cell Signalling and Biology research themes within the School of Physiology and Pharmacology.