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Professor Alastair Poole

Platelet Cell Biology

Platelets are the smallest cellular component of the blood and are an essential element in the primary haemostatic system. They are able to respond to a wide range of agonists and when activated at the site of blood vessel injury they rapidly aggregate to form a platelet haemostatic plug. Platelets are therefore of central importance in maintaining the physiological integrity of the vascular system and play a major role in the pathological development of thrombosis.

Our laboratory is interested in the cell biology of platelets, from the molecular through to the systems level. We are particularly interested in understanding how protein kinases may regulate platelet function and thrombus formation, and use a wide variety of techniques to address these questions.

Research keywords

  • platelet
  • platelet-interactive proteins
  • PKC

Diseases related to this field of research

  • Thrombosis

Research findings

  • Different PKC isoforms play different roles in thrombus formation and cell adhesion ... Read more >
  • PKCα and PKCθ play opposite roles in Ca2+ handling in platelets ... Read more >