stepping movement

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Stepping movement

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Layzell, Richard

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Richard walks about the space, crossing in front of the screen as the Floor video is projected. On the screen the first piece of parquet floor is lifted . Richard is visible in front of the screen, barefoot. He takes one step forward and one step back. This is repeated ten times. The step forward then becomes more pronounced and is repeated eight times. The stepping sequence in the video then commences. Richard makes four more pronounced steps - not quite in synch with the stepping on video - then walks backwards, out of view.

As the video continues Richard can be seen walking about the space in darkness. Richard commented, “I'm walking around the [actual] space, as I'm walking about the space of the film. This is probably the most emotive period of the film, as the floor begins to become a piece of minimalist sculpture. The walking action is deliberate so this section does not become a film show, wanting the audience to be in it with me, in this personal history. Revealing a hell of a lot. This is too much. End the performance here! Barefoot connecting with barefoot in video”.


Description compiled via interview with Richard Layzell, University of Bristol, 2008.

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