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Instructing oneself to sit on the Pilates ball

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Layzell, Richard

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“OK you go over there and sit down, don't make a meal of it, just sit down, lift your leg, hold onto your foot, drop your head, bend a bit, see if you can pick up one of these, good, look at it, put it very close to your nose, now drop it and look at the sole of your foot, transfer some of the dust from the sole of the foot to the top of the foot, thereby giving the sense that the foot has been covered in dust, not just on the sole”. Richard turns round to face the ball at back of performance space, lifts his right hand to point at the ball, walks to the ball then urns to stand in front of the ball (diagonally onto audience). He lifts his trouser legs slightly to sit, sits down carefully on the ball using his hands to balance. He leans forward, stands and walks forwards diagonally across the space to his previous standing position. Positioned side-on to the audience he lifts and bends his right leg in front of his left leg and holds his bare foot with his left hand. His left leg is also slightly bent. He drops his head, bends over further to pick up a cleaning cloth with right hand, then lifts it to his face and appears to smell it. He drops the cloth, looks at sole of foot, still in his left hand. He examines the foot then swaps feet, rubbing his left foot with right hand. He repeats this on each foot twice and placing both feet on floor, rubs the tops of his feet. Then he stands up straight and shouts “Oy” in response to some off-stage music from another space.


Description compiled via interview with Richard Layzell, University of Bristol, 2008.

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