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Dr Paul Howard-Jones

35 Berkeley Square, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 331 4496
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Graduate School of Education

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Paul's particular area of interest is applying our understanding of cognition and neuroscience to enhance child and adult learning.  His research explores the benefits offered to education by emerging technologies, aided by a critical consideration of underlying cognitive processes. For information and resources from the Neuroeducational Network (NEnet), go to www.neuroeducational.net

Research overview

Neuroscience and education, game-based learning and creativity.

Key words

neuroscience and education, games (including computer games) and the brain, creativity and the brain, risk-based decision making and the brain, educational technology and the brain, neuromyths

Latest publications

  1. Howard-Jones, PA 2014, ‘Evolutionary Perspectives on Mind, Brain and Education’. Mind, Brain, and Education, vol 8., pp. 21-32
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  3. Howard-Jones, P, Washbrook, E & Meadows, S 2012, ‘Neuroscience and the timing of educational investment’. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, vol 2., pp. S18-S29
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  6. Howard-Jones, P 2011, ‘From brain scan to lesson plan’. The Psychologist, vol 24 (2)., pp. 110 - 113
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  8. Howard-Jones, P 2011, ‘A Multiperspective Approach to Neuro-educational Research’. Educational Philosophy and Theory, vol 43 (1)., pp. 24 - 30
  9. Howard-Jones, P, Bogacz, R, H., YJ, Leonards, U & Demetriou, S 2010, ‘The neural mechanisms of learning from competitors’. NeuroImage, vol 53., pp. 790 - 799
  10. Howard-Jones, P 2010, ‘Neuroscience, learning and technology (14-19)’. Becta

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