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Miss Chloe Slaney


In 2015, I graduated from the University of Durham with a BSc in Psychology. Following this, I completed a MSc in Mental Health Research at the University of Nottingham. For my dissertation project (supervised by Dr Maddie Groom), I examined alpha oscillations from electroencephalography (EEG) data during attention orienting in neurodevelopmental disorders (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder).

I am currently in the third year of the Neural Dynamics Programme. My PhD project aims to get a better understanding of anhedonia and reward processing. In particular, I am interested in whether anhedonia (measured using self-report questionnaires) is associated with changes in one or more sub-components of reward processing such as: (1) motivation for reward (2) hedonic response to reward and (3) reward memory. This involves objective behavioural measures of reward processing, questionnaires and EEG.