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Name Job title Email Phone number
Dr Amelia Burroughs Research Associate in Language Learning Tel. (0117) 331 2291
Miss Ola Bykowska Research Associate EBI Postgraduate Fellow
Miss Oana Cucu Psychology (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 10495
Dr Claire Hales Research Associate Tel. (0117) 3312412
Miss Clare Kennedy Translational Health Sciences - Clinical (PhD)
Dr Katarina Kolaric Honorary Research Associate
Dr Sandra Neumann CHIEF-PD Trial Manager,Teaching Support Assistant Tel. (0117) 342 1503
Mr Mark Olenik Honorary Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 2305
Miss Valeria Oliva Neural Dynamics (PhD)
Miss Elena Paci Demonstrator
Ms Emma Roscow Demonstrator
Ms Anna Sales Neural Dynamics (PhD)
Miss Chloe Slaney Neural Dynamics (PhD)
Miss Rachael Stentiford Neural Dynamics (PhD)
Miss Jamie Thakrar Translational Health Sciences (PhD)
Miss Ashley Tyrer Demonstrator
Mr Alfie Wearn Assistant Teacher
Mr Robin Willows-Rough None