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Publication - Professor Stephen Wiggins

    Roaming at Constant Kinetic Energy

    Chesnavich's Model and the Hamiltonian Isokinetic Thermostat


    Krajňák, V, Ezra, GS & Wiggins, S, 2019, ‘Roaming at Constant Kinetic Energy: Chesnavich's Model and the Hamiltonian Isokinetic Thermostat’. arXiv.


    We consider the roaming mechanism for chemical reactions under the nonholonomic constraint of constant kinetic energy. Our study is carried out in the context of the Hamiltonian isokinetic thermostat applied to Chesnavich's model for an ion-molecule reaction. Through an analysis of phase space structures we show that imposing the nonholonomic constraint does not prevent the system from exhibiting roaming dynamics, and that the origin of the roaming mechanism turns out to be analogous to that found in the previously studied Hamiltonian case.

    Full details in the University publications repository