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Dr Sebastian Muller

Dr Sebastian Muller

Dr Sebastian Muller

Senior Lecturer

Area of research

Quantum chaos, random matrix theory and condensed matter theory

Office 2A.09
Fry Building,
Woodland Road, BS8 1UG
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Tel. +44 (0) 117 42 84986

Research summary

In quantum chaos one considers systems whose classical motion is chaotic, i.e., depends sensitively on the initial conditions. One then investigates the quantum mechanical properties of these systems, for example their energy levels. It turns out that there are deep connections between the classical and quantum mechanical behaviour. Many aspectsI of this quantum behaviour are universal and independent of peculiarities of the system. For example, the statistics of energy levels becomes universal, and the different energy levels of a chaotic system always have a tendency to repel each other. These universal properties agree with phenomenological predictions from random matrix theory ...

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I completed my PhD thesis in the group of Professor Fritz Haake at the Universität Duisburg-Essen and worked as a postdoc with Professor Ben Simons at the TCM groupUniversity of Cambridge. I joined Bristol as a Lecturer in 2007 and I am Senior Lecturer since 2012.

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