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Publication - Dr Roman Schubert

    Classical and quantum dynamics in the (non-Hermitian) Swanson oscillator


    Graefe, E-M, Korsch, H, Rush, A & Schubert, R, 2015, ‘Classical and quantum dynamics in the (non-Hermitian) Swanson oscillator’. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, vol 48.


    The non-Hermitian quadratic oscillator known as the Swanson oscillator is one of the popular PT-symmetric model systems. Here a full classical description of its dynamics is derived using recently developed metriplectic flow equations, which combine the classical symplectic flow for Hermitian systems with a dissipative metric flow for the anti-Hermitian part. Closed form expressions for the metric and phase-space trajectories are presented which are found to be periodic in time. Since the Hamiltonian is only quadratic the classical dynamics exactly describe the quantum dynamics of Gaussian wave packets. It is shown that the classical metric and trajectories as well as the quantum wave functions can diverge in finite time even though the PT-symmetry is unbroken, i.e., the eigenvalues are purely real.

    Full details in the University publications repository