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Publication - Professor Philip Welch

    Games and ramsey-like cardinals


    Nielsen, DS & Welch, P, 2019, ‘Games and ramsey-like cardinals’. Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol 84., pp. 408-437


    We generalise the α-Ramsey cardinals introduced in Holy and Schlicht (2018) for cardinals α to arbitrary ordinals α, and answer several questions posed in that paper. In particular, we show that α-Ramseys are downwards absolute to the core model K for all α of uncountable cofinality, that strategic ω-Ramsey cardinals are equiconsistent with remarkable cardinals and that strategic α-Ramsey cardinals are equiconsistent with measurable cardinals for all α > ω. We also show that the n-Ramseys satisfy indescribability properties and use them to provide a game-theoretic characterisation of completely ineffable cardinals, as well as establishing further connections between the α-Ramsey cardinals and the Ramsey-like cardinals introduced in Gitman (2011), Feng (1990), and Sharpe and Welch (2011).

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