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Publication - Dr Nugzar Suramlishvili

    Visualizing Pure Quantum Turbulence in Superfluid 3He

    Andreev Reflection and its Spectral Properties


    Baggaley, AW, Tsepelin, V, Barenghi, CF, Fisher, SN, Pickett, GR, Sergeev, YA & Suramlishvili, N, 2015, ‘Visualizing Pure Quantum Turbulence in Superfluid 3He: Andreev Reflection and its Spectral Properties’. Physical Review Letters, vol 115.


    Superfluid 3He−B
    in the zero-temperature limit offers a unique means of studying quantum
    turbulence by the Andreev reflection of quasiparticle excitations by
    the vortex flow fields. We validate the experimental visualization of
    turbulence in 3He−B
    by showing the relation between the vortex-line density and the Andreev
    reflectance of the vortex tangle in the first simulations of the
    Andreev reflectance by a realistic 3D vortex tangle, and comparing the
    results with the first experimental measurements able to probe quantum
    turbulence on length scales smaller than the intervortex separation.

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