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Publication - Dr Nugzar Suramlishvili

    Visualization of quantum turbulence in superfluid 3He-B

    Combined numerical and experimental study of Andreev reflection


    Tsepelin, V, Baggaley, AW, Sergeev, YA, Barenghi, CF, Fisher, SN, Pickett, GR, Jackson, MJ & Suramlishvili, N, 2017, ‘Visualization of quantum turbulence in superfluid 3He-B: Combined numerical and experimental study of Andreev reflection’. Physical Review B, vol 96.


    We present a combined numerical and experimental study of Andreev scattering from quantum turbulence in superfluid 3He−B
    at ultralow temperatures. We simulate the evolution of moderately
    dense, three-dimensional, quasiclassical vortex tangles and the Andreev
    reflection of thermal quasiparticle excitations by these tangles. This
    numerical simulation enables us to generate the two-dimensional map of
    local Andreev reflections for excitations incident on one of the faces
    of a cubic computational domain, and to calculate the total coefficient
    of Andreev reflection as a function of the vortex line density. Our
    numerical simulation is then compared with the experimental measurements
    probing quantum turbulence generated by a vibrating grid. We also
    address the question of whether the quasiclassical and ultraquantum
    regimes of quantum turbulence can be distinguished by their respective
    total Andreev reflectivities. We discuss the screening mechanisms which
    may strongly affect the total Andreev reflectivity of dense vortex
    tangles. Finally, we present combined numerical-experimental results for
    fluctuations of the Andreev reflection from a quasiclassical turbulent
    tangle and demonstrate that the spectral properties of the Andreev
    reflection reveal the nature and properties of quantum turbulence.

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