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Publication - Dr Nick Jones

    Asymptotic Correlations in Gapped and Critical Topological Phases of 1D Quantum Systems


    Jones, NG & Verresen, R, 2019, ‘Asymptotic Correlations in Gapped and Critical Topological Phases of 1D Quantum Systems’. Journal of Statistical Physics, vol 175., pp. 1164-1213


    Topological phases protected by symmetry can occur in gapped and—surprisingly—in critical systems. We consider non-interacting fermions in one dimension with spinless time-reversal symmetry. It is known that the phases are classified by a topological invariant ω and a central charge c. We investigate the correlations of string operators, giving insight into the interplay between topology and criticality. In the gapped phases, these non-local string order parameters allow us to extract ω. Remarkably, ratios of correlation lengths are universal. In the critical phases, the scaling dimensions of these operators serve as an order parameter, encoding ω and c. We derive exact asymptotics of these correlation functions using Toeplitz determinant theory. We include physical discussion, e.g., relating lattice operators to the conformal field theory. Moreover, we discuss the dual spin chains. Using the aforementioned universality, the topological invariant of the spin chain can be obtained from correlations of local observables.

    Full details in the University publications repository