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Publication - Dr Mark Hagen

    Weak hyperbolicity of cube complexes and quasi-arboreal groups


    Hagen, MF, 2014, ‘Weak hyperbolicity of cube complexes and quasi-arboreal groups’. Journal of Topology, vol 7., pp. 385-418


    We examine a graph $\Gamma$ encoding the intersection of hyperplane carriers in a CAT(0) cube complex $\widetilde X$. The main result is that $\Gamma$ is quasi-isometric to a tree. This implies that a group $G$ acting properly and cocompactly on $\widetilde X$ is weakly hyperbolic relative to the hyperplane stabilizers. Using disc diagram techniques and Wright's recent result on the aymptotic dimension of CAT(0) cube complexes, we give a generalization of a theorem of Bell and Dranishnikov on the finite asymptotic dimension of graphs of asymptotically finite-dimensional groups. More precisely, we prove asymptotic finite-dimensionality for finitely-generated groups acting on finite-dimensional cube complexes with 0-cube stabilizers of uniformly bounded asymptotic dimension. Finally, we apply contact graph techniques to prove a cubical version of the flat plane theorem stated in terms of complete bipartite subgraphs of $\Gamma$.

    Full details in the University publications repository