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Professor Jon Keating



Royal Society Research Assistant, University of Bristol, 1989 – 1991.

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Manchester, 1991 – 1995.

Reader in Applied Mathematics, University of Bristol, 1995 – 1997

BRIMS Research Fellow, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol, 1995 – 2001.

Professor of Mathematical Physics, 1997 – 2012. 

Henry Overton Wills Professor of Mathematics, 2012 – present.

Head of Department, 2001 – 2004. 

EPSRC Senior Research Fellow, 2004 – 2009. 

Associate Director of the Heilbronn Institute, 2004 – 2008.

Dean of Science, University of Bristol, 2009 –  2013.

Chair of the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, 2015 - present.

Academic Qualifications

BA (First Class) in Physics (University of Oxford, 1985).

Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (University of Bristol, 1989 – advised by Professor Sir Michael Berry FRS).


Hewlett-Packard BRIMS Research Fellow, 1995 –  2001.

EPSRC Senior Research Fellow, 2004 –  2009.

Elected Fellow of the Royal Society, 2009.

Frölich Prize, 2010.

Eisenbud Chair, MSRI/Berkeley, March-May 2012.

Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award, 2014 –  2019.

Royal Society Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship, 2014 –  2015.

ERC Advanced Grant: LogCoRM

Academic Journals

Member (1996 – 2004) of the Editorial Board of Journal of Physics A

Member (1997 – 2004) of the Editorial Board of Nonlinearity.

Joint Editor-in-Chief (2004 – 2012) of Nonlinearity.

Member (2003 – 2017) of the Editorial Board of Applied Mathematics Research Express.

Member (2007 – present) of the Editorial Board of Journal of Mathematical Physics.

Major Invited Lectures

International Conference on Dynamical Systems and Chaos, Tokyo, May 1994 (Plenary Lecture).

American Mathematical Society Symposium on ‘The Riemann Hypothesis’, Seattle USA, August 1996 (Invited Lecture). 

BMC, Manchester, April 1998 (Invited Lecture). 

BAMC2K, Manchester, April 2000 (Plenary Lecture). 

Nobel Symposium on Quantum Chaos, Sweden, June 2000 (Invited Participant). 

3rd European Congress of Mathematics, Barcelona July 2000 (Invited Lecture). 

13th International Congress on Mathematical Physics, London, July 2000 (Plenary Lecture, YRS). 

Annual Meeting of the German Physical Society, Bonn, Germany, March 2001 (Main Lecture). 

SIAM50, Philadelphia, USA July 2002 (Invited Keynote Lecture) [50th anniversary meeting of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics]. 

International Conference on Theoretical Physics, ‘TH-2002’, Paris, France, July 2002 (Invited Keynote Lecture). 

2003-4 Collingwood Memorial Lecture, Department of Mathematics, University of Durham. 

5th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Sydney, Australia, July 2003 (Plenary Lecture). 

4th European Congress of Mathematics, Stockholm, June 2004 (Invited Lecture). 

Distinguished Lecture Series – Leçon de mathématiques d’aujourd’hui – University of Bordeaux, January 2005.

Distinguished Lecture Series – Frontiers in Mathematics – Texas A&M University, March 2007.

Joint Mathematics-Physics Distinguished Lecture Series, Technion, Haifa, Israel, May 2007.

Coulter McDowell Lecture, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2009.

Distinguished Lecture Series, Baylor University, November 2013.

Workshop on Arithmetic Statistics over Finite Fields and Function Fields, American Institute of Mathematics, January 2014 (Invited Keynote Lecture).

Workshop on Statistics and Number Theory, Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, Montreal, September 2014 (Invited Lecture).

Analysis, Spectra and Number Theory – Conference Honoring Peter Sarnak, Princeton, December 2014 (Invited Lecture).

Invited Lecture Series, Courant Institute, New York, February 2015.

International Conference on Number Theory and Physics, Rio de Janeiro, June 2015 (Plenary Lecture).



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