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Statistical Bioinformatics

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Statistical bioinformatics stands at the junction of biology and statistics, with input from mathematics and computer science, and is an interdisciplinary effort in which statisticians are responsible for modelling and data analysis, and biologists generate questions, and provide scientific knowledge and interpretation.

Practical applications include protein sequencing, discovering gene regulatory networks, and causal inference in molecular epidemiology.

Huge quantities of data are becoming available, potentially of great value in aiding scientific understanding and promoting prevention and cure of disease.

However, data of these kinds show very complex patterns of variation, from a variety of sources, both biological and technical, and there are therefore fascinating challenges for statisticians wishing to contribute in this area.

The main current interests in bioinformatics within the group are in gene expression data, protein matching and alignment, macromolecular structure modelling and some modelling issues in genetic epidemiology.