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Fluid Dynamics

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Fluid dynamics describes a tremendous variety of fluid phenomena from large scale, such as weather systems, to very small scale, for example microdroplets used in industrial coatings.

Bristol's mathematics department has a long and illustrious history in fluid dynamics, starting in the 1940s when the group was established by Prof. Leslie Howarth, famous for research into the mathematics of supersonic flight such as boundary layer and compressible flow equations, as well as the theory of turbulence.

Building on that foundation, the fluids group boasts several full-time faculty members, plus several post-doctoral fellows, researching the nonlinear dynamical equations behind diverse phenomena such as drops, vortices, transition to turbulence, particle-laden and granular flows.

Applications of fluid dynamics

Practical applications of fluid dynamics range from inkjet printers to bulk transportation of fluids, from the survivability of oil rigs at sea to avalanche protection schemes.