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Fluids and Materials

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Fluid dynamics and materials research describe​s​ a tremendous variety of natural phenomena from large scale, such as weather systems, to very small scale, for example the motion in the interior of a cell.

​The School of Mathematics​ ​at Bristol has a long and distinguished history in fluid dynamics, starting in the 1940s when the group was established by Leslie Howarth, famous for his contributions to the theory of turbulenc​e. In the 1950s, the group contained ​Keith Stewartson, one of the most prominent fluid dynamicists of the 20th century.

Currently a major focus of the group is understanding the nonlinear dynamical equations behind diverse objects such as drops, waves, vortices, turbulence, particle-laden and granular flows, and complex fluids such polymer solutions, together with the emerging area of active fluids, motivated by biological applications.

A​nother focus is microscopic scales, where material properties play an increasing role. Complex materials such as shape memory alloys and soft matter such as liquid crystals reveal a rich and fascinating small-scale structur​e.​

​The group are at the forefront of developing new tools, drawn from areas such as dynamical systems theory, statistical mechanics, calculus of variations, topology and algebraic geometry, to improve our understanding of these areas.

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